XtraView Installation & Setup Instruction

Please note, setting up dstv decoders whether it be single, extra view or the new explora’s, can be a daunting task and extremely technical for most people. You have to make sure that the signal is strong and working at all locations before even considering the setup process.

From experience most of our customers who try the setup themselves end up getting us to come out to do or complete the full installation anyway. It saves them the time and effort trying to figure out the technical setup themselves.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT provide support over the phone

We do not provide advice on how to setup your dstv systems over the phone.As independent, accredited and highly experienced and qualified dstv installers in Pretoria / Johannesburg, we simply DO NOT have the time to provide information / support over the phone.

If you would like to get a dstv technician out to your home in the Pretoria / Johannesburg area, please go here or contact us on 087 550 3494.

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Again we DO NOT provide support over the phone. So if you would like to book an appointment in Pretoria, Johannesburg or Gauteng area, please schedule a appointment and call us on the number provided. 087 550 3494

Below you will find a few sources, some are older but the technical info still applies today. These are embedded PDF’s, so make sure you click on them to fully utilize them. Enjoy.


source: radioland


source: spacetv

source: hdcabling


Videos of XtraView Installation

Gone are the days when we were compelled to watch only one station at a time despite hundreds of stations you subscribed for in DStv. With the XtraView feature, DStv allows you to watch multiple DStv programs simultaneously, in two different rooms.

This means that the kids can get to watch cartoon in the bedroom, dad can enjoy the game in the lounge and mum can keeps up with her favorite soap opera in her bedroom all at the same time. Basically, everyone stays happy and entertained.

All you need to access this unique feature is to have multiple decoders and televisions. You will not need a second dish for XtraView. The single view decoders supported by this feature include:

  • • 1110
  • • 1131
  • • 1132/3U DStv HD decoder

All PVRs can be used in an XtraView setup, although the SD PVR can only be used as a secondary decoder and cannot be linked with any of the single view decoders.

Apart from the decoders, MultiChoice recommends the use of an 80cm dish and a quad LNB for all new XtraView installations to future proof your installation.

Getting the XtraView Installation Done Right

extraview-decoder-instructionsMultiChoice also recommends the use of an accredited installer for all XtraView installations for the following reasons:

  • • The installation requirements and settings for XtraView vary from one installation to the next (including how many TVs are connected to each decoder and even the placement of the decoders).
  • • To allow you to personalize the installation to your requirements.

Once installed, please do not disconnect the cable that links the two already existing decoders until you’ve called up MultiChoice and requested the breaking of the XtraView link between the two.

All said and done, all you have to do is now upgrade to and enjoy this feature. Get in touch with your nearest installer here.