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One of the worst things that can happen in any household that has DSTV is for the DSTV to stop working, especially once you have gotten use to the variety of shows and captivated by certain shows! Contact us here 087 550 3494

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Many people in the Pretoria area will ask the question, what are we supposed to do now? Because DSTV is addictive, once you have DSTV you will soon forget about all the other activities you can be doing instead of resorting to being a couch potato!

Steps to Solving The Problem: When your DSTV stops working, one of the first things you need to do is determine what is the problem, this will save you a lot of time and money on your DSTV repairs in Pretoria & Johannesburg, because you will be able to inform your Dynamic Dish Installations DSTV repair specialists in the Johannesburg & Pretoria area exactly where the problem lies so that they can send out the right professional to solve the problem and get your DSTV working again quickly.

Sourcing The Problem

PTADStv_Accredited_Satellite_Repairs 23Begin with the TV, maybe your TV is old and in need of repair, so if your TV has broken down your DSTV is also not going to work. The best way to source whether or not it is actually your TV is to tune into other channels which are not on DSTV and see if they display, if you can hear what is being said or if it’s the same as the DSTV channels.

If all the channels are acting the same, local and DSTV channels, then your TV is in need of repair and you need to find someone suitable to handle your TV repairs.

If your TV is displaying local channels fine, then it could be that you need someone to repair your decoder.  To source if it is really your decoder, see if you can loan a friend’s decoder or put your spare decoder in place, if the channels on DSTV are still the same then you can rule out decoder repairs.

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Then you need to look at your satellite dish and TV aerial, it could be that your dish needs repair or that your TV aerial is causing a problem, the best way to source whether you need dish repairs or TV antenna repairs is to disconnect the TV aerial and see if the DSTV displays correctly and then disconnect the dish and see if the local stations display correctly. Once you know where the problem is, you can contact our team of professionals at Dynamic Dish Installations to solve your DSTv repairs in Pretoria & Johannesburg (Gauteng).

Repairing Wite Plastic LNB Cap

Dstv Decoder Repairs


Although DSTV packages are a lot like cell phone packages, when it comes time to renew you can upgrade your equipment for an extra fee, a lot of families in the Pretoria area have chosen dstv decoder repairs pta dstvto keep their DSTV decoder because there is nothing wrong with it. Then it breaks, and they feel that they have been trapped because a new one without the package is a lot more expensive.

Having Your Decoder Repaired: Luckily in the Pretoria area there are people who have the necessary experience and knowledge to fix your DSTV decoder!  Although it would mean that you will be without your DSTV for a couple of days, we provide an on-site repair where we can! So you can have your decoder repairs attended to as quickly as possible.

Satellite Dish Repairs

Although the satellite dish is an external part of the DSTV equipment, there are a lot of things that could need repair, especially if you have determined that your dish is the problem with your satellite dish repairs pretoria pta dstvviewing pleasure in the Pretoria area.

While you are thinking about replacing your dish, consider phoning some dish repair experts who will be able to advise you which will be the cheaper option.

Dstv dish repairs can be cheaper: A lot of the time when it comes to large pieces of equipment like your satellite, the cheaper option is to have it repaired, as these items are very expensive to buy as stand-alone equipment in Pretoria.

TV Repairs & Troubleshoot


A lot of people have had their TV as their only companion for many years, in the Pretoria area the only time that you have to buy a new TV is when you’re old one stops working and it cannot tv repairs troubleshoot pta dstvbe repaired.

The risk is that you will be without the TV for a period of time because TV’s are not cheap!

Repairs to Newer Models: Older TV’s had a different type of technology that most handymen in Pretoria could repair themselves with a simple how to fix a TV search or a TV manual, but with the newer models you do need to find a suitable repairman from Dynamic Dish Installations to attend to your TV repairs. Make sure that the person you call has experience with your specific brand and model of TV.

aerial antenna repairs pta dstvTV Aerial & Antenna Repairs

When it comes to having your TV aerial repaired it can often be a very dangerous task, especially in the Pretoria area, rather let an expert handle your antenna repairs! There are plenty of old aerials which are still in perfect working order, they just need a little tuning, which is best left to professional aerial repair men.

Aerial Repairs / Replacements: If your TV aerial is too old or too badly damaged to be repaired then the professional that is attending to your aerial repairs, in Pretoria, will be able to tell you whether you should rather buy a new TV antenna or if they can repair it, without leaving you with a TV that doesn’t work for weeks on end.

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