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Imagine receiving full HD satellite TV services for free. That’s exactly what OpenView HD is all about. Without paying any monthly subscription fees, you will be able to receive over 16 TV channels anywhere you are in South Africa.

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You will get a mix of religious, sports, news, music, movies, and children’s channel without worrying about monthly payments. The good thing is that these openview channels are both local and international. For the South African channels, you no longer require a separate TV aerial to receive the signal.

What Is The Openview Hd Installation Cost?

To reiterate, you do not need to pay any monthly subscription fee. The first thing you will have to worry about as far as the OpenView HD price is concerned is the cost of equipment. You will have to buy a satellite dish together with an OpenView decoder.


After that, your next worry will be the Openview HD installation cost. This you will pay to the installation company. The good news is that our installation fees are very affordable. This is nothing to worry about, given that you will view all the channels you love without having to pay an extra cent in monthly subscriptions.

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No matter where you live in South Africa, you will receive at least 16 TV channels. This is in addition to the other channels which you get when your decoder is reprogrammed. The extra channels include CCTV, France 24, DW, and BVN. You also get several radio channels. What more could you ask for?

What Type Of Openview Hd Dish Do You Need?

Did you know that the OpenView decoder can work on just about any satellite dish? Don’t worry if you have the SES-5 or IS-20 satellites. You will receive the signal, so long as there is a satellite dish installed on your house or premises.


You would have to worry about having OpenView HD with no signal. Any satellite dish that has been used to receive Star Sat, Free-Vision, Vivid or DSTV can be used during the OpenView HD dish installation in Pretoria. After connecting the satellite dish to the OpenView decoder, you will be able to receive all the available free channels.

Why We Are The Best Openview Ovhd Installers In Pretoria

Not just any of the Openview OVHD installers in Pretoria will give you the best services. Working with a DSTV accredited installers if the best choice you can make. Due to the vast experience we have accumulated over the years, we can assure you of reliable services.

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You are free to check us out through the many individuals and companies we have worked for. These form the whole repertoire of references you can rely on.

We work with a group of DSTV installers who are proven and tested to do all types of DSTV installations. They have worked at the household level and gone all the way to address the needs of commercial buildings.

They can install SMATV networks, DSTV systems, and IF engineering. Why shouldn’t they be able to do OpenView HD dish installation in Pretoria? After our staff has been to your premises, you can be sure of error-free services.