Hotel DSTV Installation Pretoria: TV Distribution/Communal Systems

Hotel DSTV Installation Pretoria / TV Distribution

Do you have a hotel in Pretoria? Are you looking for a way to distribute DSTV signal to over 1,000 TVs around the hotel? With a DSTV hotel system, each of your guests can watch not more than 10 channels simultaneously.

To pull it off, you need a hotel DSTV installation expert in Pretoria. Working with beginners is risking failure. You may end up not having the DSTV signal distributed in all the rooms.

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Hotel DSTV systems in Pretoria can work in a building of any size. Each and every one of the TVs will be able to show channels from a number of decoders simultaneously, no matter how many they are. Users have the freedom to change channels whenever they feel like and very conveniently.

A hotel DSTV distribution system is aimed at enabling the independent change of TV channels from every TV point or room. The number of channels available to the viewers will depend on the number of DSTV decoders being networked. With 10 decoders, each of the televisions will be able to access 10 channels at any given time.

Hotel DSTV Installation Pretoria: TV Distribution/Communal Systems

DSTV Extraview

You may want to pair up your decoders in twos where one is primary and the other secondary. In this arrangement, the primary decoder is the stronger one. Apart from its own signal, it picks up the signals from the secondary decoder.

This type of Hotel DSTV installation involves resetting the UHF frequencies of both decoders to the values of your choice.

How Hotel DSTV Installation Works

Assume you have separate extraview linkages of at least 8 DSTV decoders. Connect a wire to the primary decoders’ RF-OUT ports. Manually connect the ports while strictly observing the negative/positive rules. You should be able to come up with a single connecting wire. This is connected to signal booster.

You can then do tactical splitting based on the number of rooms you want to reach. This ensures the signal strength is not compromised. When you have more TV sets you want to connect, you may have to introduce another signal boost a little bit further down the line. With that, you should be able to boost the signal on the hotel DSTV distribution system.

Each of the single cables from the signal booster is then connected to every one of the TV sets around the hotel. Once all the TVs are connected you will conduct an automatic or manual channel search. That simple act should give you all the channels on the connected decoders.

Hotel DSTV installation in Pretoria involves setting aside a control room where all the decoders used in the setup are kept. With that, the guests at the hotel don’t have to see all the gadgetry involved. But they can still all the channels from the decoders in the hotel’s or large building’s control room.

If you are looking for a multi-dwelling communal system or hotel DSTV system repairs, don’t hesitate to talk to an accredited installation expert in Pretoria. In the end, you will keep your guests entertained and your bottom line took care of.