Dstv Trippleview Inѕtаllеrѕ Prеtоrіа 3 Decoder Sеtuр Quісk & Clеаn Install

Dstv Tripleview Installers Pretoria / 3 Decoder Setup

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MultiChoice has now made it possible for customers to watch different live TV shows in three separate rooms at the same time.

Dstv Trippleview Installers Pretoria 3 Decoder Setup Quick & Clean Install

DStv customers can now connect three decoders, using MultiChoice’s XtraView service. The good news is you only pay one subscription fee plus an R85 Access Fee for each XtraView connection (so 2 x R85).

DStv customers must use a DStv Explora decoder as their primary decoder, and then link any combination of Explora decoders or DStv 4U HD single view  decoders in this three decoder arrangement. MultiChoice recommends customers use an accredited DStv installer for their set up.

  • The recommended installation for XtraView set-ups is a DStv Smart LNB together with an 80cm satellite dish.
  • When linking decoders in XtraView, all decoders get all the channels a customer is subscribed to. Example: if a customer is subscribed to DStv Premium and DStv Indian, they’ll get all those channels on all decoders.
  • Each decoder operates independently. Example: if a customer rents a movie on a PVR in their XtraView set-up, it will only be available for viewing on that one decoder. Similarly, recordings made on one decoder will only be accessible on that decoder.

Three Independent Viewing Environments:

If a customer wants to watch different live TV shows in three separate rooms at the same time, they can now connect three decoders through XtraView and pay an additional R85 Access Fee for the second XtraView connection. This means, they pay two R85 Access Fees.

Decoders That Can Be Used In The A 3-Decoder Set Up

The primary decoder has to be a DStv Explora, which can be combine with another Explora or a DStv HD decoder.

Older decoder models are not capable of the technical changes required to run three decoders in XtraView.

Connect one DStv Decoder to Extra TV’s

You have a DStv decoder connected to just one TV in your living room and you are looking for a way to connect same decoder to extra TVs, maybe located in your bedroom. Let us say you wish to watch DStv in all the TVs in your home or office or business premises. You can comfortably connect all your TVs to one DStv decoder box and be able to watch programs from the decoder with same super clear image and audio quality.

This post will expose you to the techniques involved in multiplying your views from one DStv decoder to many other TVs. Whether you have 2 TVs or more, this simple steps will show you how to connect one DStv decoder to extra TVs. All you need is a DStv decoder, your TVs, some length of connection cable wires, some accessories like the F-connector and multi-output splitter devices.

Triple Extra TV Connection (Apart From the Primary Main TV)

Connecting three extra TVs to one DStv decoder, apart from the main TV follows the same installation procedure as described above for the Double Extra TV Connection. The only difference is that a three – output signal splitter is used instead of the dual output as used in double extra TV connection.

We can help you  set up 3x TV’s on DSTV

Well, we if you have 5x TV’s and want to set up 3x of them to watch separate DSTV channels and maybe in the future all 5x of them. And you are currently having a HD PVR 2P decoder and another decoder but not sure which one it is. If you understand correctly one can watch 2x different channels using the PVR, so how do you connect the other TV with the decoder and do I then need to get the “eye” in the other room, or another decoder? Is it connected through the RCA’s (yellow, red and white ports) or how? Here’s a pic that might be useful for an explanation:

And how do I connect 3x or even 4x TV’s be able to watch separate channels? Do I need 4x decoders or “eyes” or how?

Would I also need to get xtra view? And if I do, do I need to pay only R70 extra even though I’ll connect 4x extra TV’s and not just one, or is it R70 per TV?

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