DStv Over Fibre in Pretoria / Residential And Communal

If you are looking for someone to help you install DSTV over fibre in Pretoria, we are here for you. We are DSTV accredited installers, which basically means you can use our services without having to worry about the quality.

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Thus you are free to ask us to help you upgrade communal DSTV to fibre. Whether you have an apartment building or a residential complex, we are here for you. Your tenants will be very happy with the high-quality pictures processed through the fibre optic cable.


Reasons To Connect Dstv To Fibre

In recent years, Multichoice Africa has been promoting the use of fibre optic systems to connect people in large housing complexes. The following are some of the reasons to upgrade to fibre:

  • Did you know that fibre optic cables rarely lose signal? In fact, what you get in your decoder is the same signal strength that left the satellite dish. Not so for the RG6 Coaxial cables which lose signal along the way.
  • Cable clutter can be a nuisance in conduits or system funneling. With residential fibre, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • With DSTV over fibre in Pretoria, the future is here. When you upgrade communal DSTV to fibre, you will end up using far fewer cables than before. Yet still, you will be able to connect all the four quadrants of the satellite dish to the DSTV decoder, all with a full-fledged signal.
  • When you connect DSTV to fibre, you get an extremely reliable cabling source. It hardly undergoes any wear and tear, which means the cost of maintenance is non-existent.

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Different Ways To Upgrade To Fibre

When you talk to a DSTV accredited installer, you will realize there are different ways to install DSTV over fibre optic cabling. Don’t make assumptions. Only a professional can tell you the DSTV fibre connection that will best work for you. After all, buildings vary in terms of sizes and types. The following are the different ways to install a DSTV fibre optic system:

  • Fibre optic cable to the receiver. This option works by a fibre optic cable being connected from the satellite to the decoder point or premises. Another cable is then connected to run to an optical receiver, which converts the signal from light to the usual satellite frequency. An RG6 cable is then used to connect to the decoder. Every tenant will, therefore, be forced to acquire an optical receiver.
  • Fibre optic cable to FTU onwards to a multi-switch. The fibre optic cable is used to connect the optical LNB and an optical receiver. From this point, another fibre optic cable sends the signal to the multi-switch which splits the signal and converts it to satellite frequency to be transmitted over a coaxial cable. The tenants need not have an optical receiver. Plugging into the coaxial cable is enough.

As the owner of the building, don’t make assumptions. Ask a DSTV accredited installer to help you to upgrade communal DSTV to fibre. We have been in this line of business for a number of years and the numerous individuals and companies we have worked with can vouch for us. They have our references.