DSTV Explora Installation Centurion

Have you just bought a DStv decoder and satellite dish? Chances are that you are in need of DStv dish installation, which is best done by a qualified individual. But did you know that there is a difference between DStv accredited installers and qualified installers? If you are looking for DStv Explora installers in Centurion, you need to know exactly who you are working with.

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DSTV Explora installers in Centurion

Here is a detailed explanation of the differences between accredited and qualified installers.

DStv Accredited Installers in Centurion

Because of their importance DStv accredited installers are persons or businesses contracted to provide services on behalf of MultiChoice. When a person buys a decoder and satellite dish, it is the work of these companies to provide DStv dish installation services.

They have to go through an approval process before they enter into a contract with MultiChoice. If anything happens during the installation process, it is the accredited installers who will be held legally liable.

DStv accredited installers are territorial since they are licensed to operate within a designated geographical area. It could be a city or province. Thus it is logical to expect that Centurion would have its own major accredited DStv installers.

DSTV accredited installers

The installers may operate from different branches if they wish to. However, each branch is required to separately undergo the approval process.

DStv Qualified Installers

While an accredited installer refers to the company or business, a qualified installer is either the owner of the business or employee. They are certified to provide DStv dish installation services after undergoing theoretical and practical training. They can also perform DStv repairs in Centurion and the surrounding areas.

All the DStv Explora installers in Centurion must adhere to the technical standards set by MultiChoice Africa. Since they work for the accredited installers, their work must be as good as that of MultiChoice staff.

DSTV installation around centurion

Since they are not the main contractors, qualified installers don’t have to operate within a restricted geographical area. However, they cannot work on their own but must be attached to accredited DStv installers. They usually work as subcontractors for the accredited installers to perform DStv installation around Centurion.

DStv Dish Installation Process

If you have a new DStv decoder that you need to install, as any of the accredited installers to do the job for you. Don’t even think of doing a DIY with this process. Accredited DStv installers have undergone the training and certification required to do a good installation job.

Apart from putting in place the infrastructure including the decoder and dish, they will help you scan for channels when the job is done. They understand how they should position the DStv satellite dishes to receive the best quality signal. After all, they have worked with different people in the Centurion geographical area.

If you are looking for someone to help you with DStv dish installation in Centurion, avoid working with installers who are not accredited. You want to be sure that you are getting the best services which may not be possible if you pick just about anyone. Call the best DStv Explora installers in Centurion today.