Dstv Decoders

DStv Explora HD

Watching TV is much more than just seeing pictures and listening to sound. You need to give your family experience crystal clear HD. That’s the essence of having the DStv Explorer high-definition. It promises to put you and your family on the edges of your seats and put you right at the center of the action. With DStv Explora, you are able to watch your TV in full HD and record one channel while watching another. If you want, you can pause TV for at most two hours and record your favorite shows for a maximum of 110 hours. If there is a series you would like to watch without interruption, you can record it and view it nonstop.

Using DStv Catch-Up Plus and Showmax Plus, you can connect to the internet and change your recording settings while you are away at work. In addition to recording the shows, you can rewind, fast forward, slow motion, and instant play. With the same subscription, you can connect a maximum of 3 decoders using XtraView.

HPV PVR (2 Tuner)

DVtv has a personal video recorder (PVR) which give you greater control over your viewing experience. One exciting thing about this PVR is that you can use it to record standard TV for up to 150 hours and HD TV for 50 hours. Just like DVtv Explorer, you can view one show while recording another one. If you are going out of the house for some reason, you can pause TV for a maximum of 2 hours. When you return to the house, you will be able to pick up from where you left.

If ever you miss a scene on a live TV show, you may rewind it to capture what you had missed. It is also possible to fast forward and view your TV in slow motion. This decoder supports the DStv XtraView function. You don’t have to miss an important world event just because you are watching your favorite TV show.

HD PVR (4 Tuner)

Entertainment never got better than this. With the HD PVR tuner, you can record up to 150 hours of your favorite TV shows. Think about the latest series you would give anything to watch non-stop. If you could record 150 hours of it, that’s 6 ¼ days of TV. When you finally start watching the series, you wouldn’t have to leave the house for 7 days non-stop. What can beat that?

In order to avoid missing your favorite show when you go out of the house, you could try pausing it and resume when you come back. Unlike the other decoders already discussed here, it is possible to simultaneously record two TV channels as you watch one. Catch up on any missed scene by rewinding it. With all the recorded programs, it is possible to rewind and play in slow motion just like you would do on a video player.

Single View SD

Even though incapable of providing you with full HD TV, the Single View SD Decoder is great when it comes to providing digital quality pictures. It is compact and stylish in design so that it is able to neatly fit into your home. This decoder may be lacking in a few things but it is certainly capable of working with DStv Xtraview.

Among its greatest features is that you have access to an 8-day TV guide to enable you to plan your viewing. It provides a number of search options to make it easy for you to find your favorite programs. If you are not sure when a favorite show will be on, you can enable settings for reminders.

To prevent your children from accessing unwanted content, you should enable the parental control function. This decoder takes the hassle out of searching for your favorite channels. All you need to do is to set favorites and you will find them whenever you need to. It is possible to get two channels at the same time if you link the decoder to another one with XtraView capabilities.

Single View HD

Also known as DStv HD Decoder, this device obviously has HD capabilities. In addition, the Single View HD Decoder provides 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. The user-interface is brand new and the search features great. Thus, it is much easier to find what you want to watch. You have an 8-day TV guide, meaning you can plan what to watch for days to come. With the parental control function, you will be able to take charge of the programs your kids watch.

The search function on this decoder works in a simple and straightforward way. Once you reach a channel, press “I” and you will see a list of programs that will be on for 24 hours from then. You can then set reminders so that you do not miss any of your favorite shows. By linking the Single View HD decoder to another one that’s XtraView enabled, you will be able to view two separate channels simultaneously in your home.

DStv WiFi Connector

If you have a WiFi router, this is the device you need. You will need this to link to your DStv Explorer. The process is simple, easy, and seamless. Once you link DStv Explorer to the internet, you will be able to access Connected Services such as Remote Recordings and DStv Catch-Up Plus. With every new DStv WiFi Connector, you get a docking station, with installation procedure in a user guide. Besides, you can use the online tutorial to connect this device to DStv Explorer.

DStv WiFi Connector (Air 4400)

As the name suggests, this device will make it possible for you to link your DStv Explorer to the internet. To achieve this, you do not need to connect any wires. That’s basically because the process is wireless. Once your DStv Explorer is linked, you will be able to get Connected Services including Remote Recordings and DStv Catch-Up Plus. When you buy this device, you will get all the necessary cables and a user guide. If the guide is not adequate, go online for an installation tutorial.

DStv Smart LNB

If you intend to use your own satellite dish, then the DStv Smart LNB is all you need. Thus, you do not need to buy a DStv satellite dish when you have this particular device. This service is limited to single-use establishments. If you are a commercial user or one with a multi-unit dwelling, you are advised not to buy this decoder. It has features similar to those of DStv Switch, for simpler installation. You can use it for XtraView as well as DStv Explorer installations.