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It is World Cup season again and fans will be looking to catch the action live on TV. DSTV is creating a channel specially dedicated to air all the World Cup matches live. You should take advantage of this and install DSTV in your bar or restaurant. We do DSTV bar or restaurant installation in Pretoria at a considerate price.

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We prioritize quality and time consciousness when doing the installation because we do not want to put you out for business for days on end. We do the installation in a few hours’ time depending of the layout of your bar or restaurant as well as the number of television screens that we have to mount.

DSTV installers for bars and restaurants

We are licensed DSTV installers and we have worked with Multichoice in many of their previous projects installing DSTV to schools, residential homes and hospitals. We seek to add the extra oomph for your recreation facility and put you several steps ahead of your rivals in the entertainment industry.

Whether it is a new restaurant being set up or you are looking to revamp your existing bar business, we will be here every step of the way. We specialize in DSTV restaurant installation from mounting the dish, searching for the strongest signal, securing the wires on the walls to connecting the wires to the decoders and television screens. We have invested in quality gadgets that ensure that your decoder receives the strongest signal.

DSTV Installers for Bars & Restaurants Near Me

Over the years, we have earned the title of the trusted DSTV installers for bars and restaurants in the Pretoria region. Once we receive your call, we come out to your bar or restaurant for a physical consultation. Our experts will check out your facility, it’s size and it’s layout as this will dictate where and how the TV screens will be projected.

In most cases, there will be around 4 screens for a medium sized bar or restaurant. We are also likely to put the biggest screen to serve the most people that is, where the majority of the people will be facing. There would be other screens on the rest of the walls as well as the private lounges.

Multi point

As mentioned above, we know that different bars are layered differently and thus the need for multipoint mounting of television screens. We are diverse in what we do and we do not take a one size fits all approach. We will listen to what you have in mind and then advise you on what can be done. You will also be provided with paper plans of how the screens will be set up and once you are satisfied with the theoretical plans, it will be time to bring your dream to life.

Types of Screens & Setups

Large TV screens are best suited for bars and restaurants to ensure maximum and clear visibility. We will secure your large TV screens to the walls and there will be no risk of them falling off and causing injury or loss. In some cases, projectors may be needed for an outdoor night event or you need to project one of the screens on the widest wall of the restaurant. This is especially preferred for small restaurants that cannot accommodate multipoint TV setups. Talk to us if you need projectors setup.

If you run a bar or restaurant in Pretoria and its environs and need DSTV installation services, then we are your go-to people. We are always available on call and our previous clients speak highly of us. We put you, our customer at the center of our services and we aim to satisfy.