Communal / MUD / Complex Satellite Dish System Installations in Pretoria

If you are the owner of a complex of apartment and flats, you need to consider DSTV communal satellite dish installation in Pretoria. Without this system, each of the residents in the complex will require a separate dish system. It is the communality of DSTV for complexes that makes it a cheaper option for both the landlord and tenants.

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DSTV communal satellite dish installation in Pretoria

One of the biggest reasons for the apartment and complex dwelling owners to install multi-unit dwelling (MUD) systems is to remove the dish and wire clutter.


It drastically lowers DSTV installation for the tenants. You can’t possibly compare it with what it will cost you to do the installation on your own. Guesthouse and hotel owners can also install these integrated systems.

Multi-Unit Dwelling (Mud) Systems Requirements

Are thinking of installing communal satellite systems for flats, apartments, and complexes? The main requirement is that all of the satellites four quadrants must be independent of each other when they reach the decoder. The minimum configuration standards are required by MultiChoice include the following:

  1. Single Dish per Household

A single house could have its own satellite dish. It will have to be an 80 am DSTV dish at the minimum. There should also be a DSTV smart LNB to make expansion easier. Through XtraView, you can add at least two decoders.

Installation In Flat Apartment Complexes

  1. Four and Five Cable Systems

This type of cable system is the most suitable for communal satellite dish installation. The installation technician will have to pull all the cables through each and every one of the four units. When a DSTV switch is added to each of the units, XtraView is possible.

  1. DSTV Accredited Installers

Work with only a DSTV accredited installer. They understand DSTV explora installation in complex dwellings. If you allow a novice to install a DSTV communal dish, they could leave you with no signal.

Multi-Unit Dwelling (Mud) Systems

Benefits Of Mud Installation In Flat/Apartment Complexes

Whatever way you look at it, communal satellite dish installation benefits both the landlords and tenants. It is not just for the DSTV customers. The following are benefits of DSTV for complexes:

  • Multi-unit dwelling (MUD) systems and both convenient and cheaper.
  • If you are a property developer, you can add value to your property by installing these systems. Don’t be surprised if you get many inquiries from potential tenants.
  • It is possible to do DSTV complex installation in Pretoria, while the property is still under construction. This prevents the occupants from suffering unnecessary inconveniences.


  • This option makes the building look neater. After all, there is no clutter from cables and satellite dishes. You only need one satellite dish installed in a corner away from the public’s view.
  • Installation to upgrade from a single system to a complex one is cheaper. That’s due to the sharing of the costs among all involved.
  • You will ask a DSTV accredited installer to do the work for you and handle all repairs that may arise later.
  • Given that the systems are operated from the single serve, maintenance is very easy.
  • For the DSTV customers, the major benefit is the improved signal speed.

Landlords should make their apartment buildings to look neat by considering this option.