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As home owners realise the benefits of being able to watch anything they want with the same type of sound and visual experience that you get at the cinema, they are looking for audio visual equipment to mimic the cinema that is for home use.

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  1. Home Theatre Installation
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  3. LCD / Plasma Wall Mounting with Brackets

Although there are still a lot of people who like the cinema experience, having a home theatre system in the Pretoria area means that you do not have to go out for a great movie!

Although the benefits of having an audio visual system at home outweigh the costs, especially with the cost of movie tickets and snacks increasing on a regular basis in Pretoria, you still need to consider what type of home theatre installation in Pretoria you want to achieve as well as the type of sound and TV that would be best for your individual needs.

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Choices to Make

The most obvious choice that is between you and your home theatre system is whether or not you want to have a surround sound installation or an older set of speakers that can produce good quality sound.  If you are renting a property you would need to take into consideration whether or not your land lord will allow you to mount a surround sound system to the walls!

The next choice to make is what type of TV you want to have for your home theatre system.  The latest designs are LED TV’s which are light weight and extremely thin, but they are more expensive than LCD, another option is the Plasma TV, take a look at the various types of TV’s available and make a choice on the features that you need along with the visual pleasure that each provide.

Once you have chosen a TV, you need to decide whether or not you want to have your plasma or LCD TV mounted with wall brackets or whether you are going to have it standing on your wall unit.  Most people choose to mount their TV screen as this gives you more space to put other equipment and it gives you a bigger viewing area.

After you have made all the choices, you need to find a suitable audio visual specialist from Dynamic Dish Installations to attend to your audio visual installation so that you can enjoy the benefits of a home theatre system without experiencing any problems!

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Home Theatre

Whether you have saved up over months, won the Lotto or simply just been able to indulge in a little self-love, when you have your home theatre equipment you need to find a qualified and reputable audio visual specialist in the Pretoria area from Dynamic Dish Installations to attend to your home theatre installation. This will ensure that all your equipment is connected correctly and placed in the most beneficial spot in your lounge!

Home theatre tips: Before you go out and buy your home theatre system, think about the room where you going to have your home theatre system installed, and what type of sound system will be most useful in the room as well as the size of screen that you need to have the most benefit from your home theatre system.

Surround Sound

With a good sound system you can really make your home theatre system feel like you have your own private movie house! Although there are various varieties of sound systems available, the latest technology in speaker systems is geared towards the home user that doesn’t want to have cables all over the place, so wireless surround sound is a popular choice.

Surround Sound Installation Choices: Apart from choosing whether you want wired or wireless sound, your other choices include the brand name and how many speakers. Having a professional audio visual specialist to assist you with these choices would give you the benefit of their knowledge to combine with your research and personal preference before making your final decisions.

Plasma / LCD TV Mounting

There are many reasons why mounting your LCD TV onto the wall is a better option to buying a new stand for the TV to be on. Home owners in the Pretoria area often find that plasma lcd tv mounting brackets pretoriatheir latest purchase of a plasma TV is a lot bigger than the space available in their wall unit, so they simply buy some wall mount brackets for the LCD screen and improve their viewing pleasure!

Brackets and walls: It is important to note that plasma wall mount brackets and LCD wall mount brackets are almost identical because the plasma and LCD TV is very similar in weight and size, but the type of wall you have is very important as you do not want to have the wall mount brackets coming adrift and the TV falling to the ground!

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