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Dynamic Dish Installations is one of the most reputable & trustworthy DSTv Installation companies in Pretoria. We always strive to complete the work to 100% satisfaction. Before Dynamic Dish Installations leave the premises, we will make sure all services are tested and functioning properly if applicable. We will guide you through setup and any other questions you might have. We offer all sorts of DSTV services in Pretoria. We do all types of dstv installations, general satellite dish repairs, cctv system installations and home audio visual systems.

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We have taken the time to research what the most common complaints are with other DSTV companies and DSTV installers in the Pretoria area, so here we are able to assure you that we handle the following bad service complaints in a professional and suitable manner.

Many clients complain that they send numerous voicemail messages and make a multitude of calls and STILL have no technician attending to their problem.

Communication: We at Dynamic Dish Installations acknowledge that there will be times where we have no signal on our cell phone as we are underground and other times while we are on top of the roof it is safer for us and anyone on the property if we do not answer our cell phones, therefore all our technicians take the time to attend to any messages that have been left as soon as they are finished with the client they are busy with at the time of the call.  This way we ensure that you receive a call back the same day!

We Cover all of Pretoria (PTA North, South, West & East) & Johannesburg (JHB North & South) all over Gauteng.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who have paid top price for their preferred DSTV equipment, only to find out that old equipment has been used for their installation.

Equipment Problems: We pride ourselves on our integrity therefore you will ONLY get what you paid for, if there is a problem with our stock we will get more stock and arrange for a suitable date to complete the installation.

installations repairs audio visual Dynamic Dish Installations dstvCustomers have had numerous problems with other DSTV companies where the technicians install the equipment and leave the customer to test the installation.

Testing Installations: Our technicians will not leave your property after an satellite installation until everything has been fully tested and you are happy that your installation is working correctly. We understand that testing installations can be very daunting to new subscribers and frustrating for older subscribers, therefore we have made it a company policy to ensure our clients are completely satisfied before we leave.  If the DSTV network happens to be offline at the time, we leave you easy to follow instructions as well as our contact numbers.

Customers have had problems where the technician assigned to install their DSTV have had problems with the installation, left the premises and never returned to complete the installation.

Installation Problems: Our technicians are specifically trained to handle most of the problems that can occur during an installation and strive to complete all installations in a timely manner.  Should there be an unforeseen problem, we will notify you that more time is required to complete the installation and arrange accordingly, if necessary our technicians will stay after hours to complete the installation and ensure that you are completely satisfied.

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Customers from other DSTV companies; have had bad experiences with installers who are unprofessional, rude and most frustrating of all is that their premises are left in a complete mess after their installation.

Cleaning up: We respect our clients and their property; therefore we make sure that once an installation is complete that we clean up before we leave.  With big satellite dish installations it is normal for things to get messy, we carry dust covers and other equipment to try and minimize the amount of mess to one

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