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We Cover all of Pretoria (PTA North, West East) & Johannesburg (JHB North & South), Gauteng.

As the price of entertainment sky rockets, there is little choice left for those that want to relax and wind down on a Friday night, but to consider taking out a contract for DSTV.

This turns your regular TV viewing into a debate on which channel to watch and which fancy to satisfy, but at least you are entertained and have a variety of choices for a single price anywhere in Pretoria and Johannesburg from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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While you are discussing your DSTV contract with the company that you are taking your contract with, you will be asked to make a multitude of questions so that the company can supply you with everything you will possibly need to have the most enjoyable viewing pleasure with your DSTV.

Once you have finalized your DSTV contract, you need to find an accredited Ellies installer in Pretoria, like Dynamic Dish Installations who is able to come to your property and install your DSTV along with all the accessories and equipment that you have before you can actually start watching any DSTV.

dstv installation pretoria pta dstvExperience Requirements: Although most people feel that bolting a pole to a wall and a dish to the pole then running a cable down to the back of the TV is just that simple, it takes a lot more than that to effectively and successfully install any part of a DSTV installation in Johannesburg & Pretoria.

The person who is doing the PTA/JHB DSTv installation needs to have knowledge on how to handle each device, so you need to ask if the installer has experience with HD PVR decoder installations or your specific choice in LNB installations, sometimes you will find that one installer will recommend another installer because he has more experience with Explora View installations.

OTHER SERVICES: DStv Satellite Dish Repairs & Troubleshoot

A DSTV installer in Pretoria who is able to determine whether or not he should have a single view decoder installation or a extra view decoder installation for your specific needs, would indicate that the installer has extensive experience with satellite dish installations, and will be able to do your installation without any trouble.

How To Install a Satellite Dish

Another important factor to consider is your TV Aerial installation, as your regular channels will still be available to you through your normal antennae without conflicting with your DSTV installation Gauteng, Johannesburg / Pretoria.

HD PVR Decoder

For anyone in the Pretoria area with a DSTV, the most important part of their package is their PVR decoder. The PVR decoder is simply another model of the DSTV decoder, but it is an important model because it allows one household with multiple TV’s to watch a minimum of two channels at the same time!

Prices: As with any other accessory for your DSTV installation in the Pretoria (or Johannesburg) area, you need to shop around and look for a supplier that is currently running PVR decoder specials so that you can get the PVR decoder at a bargain price!

Single View Decoders

Depending on the type of DSTV package you have bought, and your individual needs, you will single view decoders pta dstvfind that there are different models of DSTV decoder. The single view decoder is the standard decoder that DSTV suppliers automatically add to your equipment, unless you specifically notify the DSTV supplier that you require another model.

Installation: Although the installation of the single view decoder is not as complicated as other models, it is still recommended by Dynamic Dish Installations that you find an accredited Ellis decoder installer to do your installation, as there are a variety of settings that need to be done correctly, else you will not have the viewing pleasure you expect from your DSTV.

Extra View Decoders

The extra view decoder is the next model in the range of different DSTV decoders. Although the xtra view decoder has been the popular choice in decoder because it has the ability to record extra view decoders pta dstvprograms while you are watching other programs and it gives you the functionality of being able to watch two or more channels at the same time!

Extra View Decoder Installation:The installation of the PVR or extra (xtra) view decoder is a lot more complicated than the standard decoder, a single small mistake will remove a lot of the functionality that this amazing decoder provides, therefore it is very important that you find an accredited Ellies extra view decoder installer in the Pretoria, Gauteng area to attend to your installation.

Explora View Decoders

The DSTV explora decoder is the latest model of DSTV decoder available in the Gauteng Pretoria area. It has a lot of additional space so that you do not have to fight with other members of your household about what shows to delete before you can record more, plus it has other features that just improve your viewing pleasure.

Get to know your DStv Explora & DStv Central

Costly & Specific: Unfortunately the explora decoder is a rather expensive decoder, so for those of you who have a budget to look after it would be better for you to look at the decoder prices before you just take the latest and greatest models!

Although there is a DSTV decoder installation guide, it is also advisable that you find a multichoice installer in the Johannesburg & Pretoria Gauteng area like Dynamic Dish Installations who can come and install your explora decoder as it is more complicated than other versions.

Satellite Dish Installations

satellite dish installations pta dstvEasy Dish Installations:The easiest way to get your satellite installation done successfully is to find a reputable company in the Pretoria area that has experience with DSTV satellite dish installations in your specific area. Many people do not consider that there are mountains around them, so this could interfere with the DSTV dish installation.

Compare Prices:While you are looking for a suitable satellite dish installer in the Pretoria/JHB area also look at the prices of satellite dishes, each satellite dish supplier will charge a different price and sometimes you can pick up great bargains when they run a special on the satellite dishes they supply.

Antenna & TV Aerial Installations

A lot of people feel that if they have DSTV they no longer need their TV aerial, but this is not always true, especially if you love programs that are shown by the SABC. So you need to find aerial antenna installations pretoriasomeone in the JHB & Pretoria area who is able to install your TV antenna without it interfering with your DSTV installation in JHB/PTA.

Combination: Most households in the Pretoria & Johannesburg, Gauteng area have a combination of normal TV viewing and DSTV, therefore the accredited Ellis installers have knowledge on both the PTA/JHB DSTV installation and the installation of the TV aerial, so that the two do not conflict and everyone can watch whatever programs they want to watch at any given time.

LNB Align & Installations

One of the most important parts of your DSTV installation is the correct installation of your LNB, as this is where most of the problems occur when you want to watch a specific channel. Sometimes the person you have chosen to do your DSTV installation in the Pretoria & Johannesburg area is not an accredited LNB installer so they are only following what the LNB installation guide says, but lnb alignment installationsthey are unable to source the faults and fix them so that you have no problems.

What is LNB?: LNB stands for low noise block, it is a part of the actual dish that is connected to the cables that run to your DSTV decoder, if the connections are not done correctly at the time of installing the LNB then you could face a lot of problems while trying to watch any DSTV channels.

For all your DSTv Satellite Dish Installation Enquiries in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Gauteng, please contact Dynamic Dish Installations on 087 550 3494 Today!

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